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Unit 28, 8 Victoria Ave Castle Hill NSW 2154

Do you have a standard range?
Yes. Our standard range of stock items includes some of the more common signs i.e. Male, Female, Accessible etc and is available in High Impact UV stable acrylic in 190mm and 150mm sizes. Standard colours are white on black and white on blue (accessible).

Are customs signs available? Can you make a sign to my specifications?
Yes. Much as we have a huge range of standard off-the-shelf signs we pride ourselves on the quality and scope of our custom signs. The most common alternate colour is black on silver however we can manufacture your custom sign to your specifications regardless of colour, size, materials or shape. We will even advise you whether your sign is compliant. Common alternative materials include aluminium, stainless steel and brass.

Do your signs comply with the relevant standards?
Yes. All our standard signage is AS1428.1 and BCA D3.6 compliant.

Are your signs durable?
Yes. They are stand-alone signs (not a laminate) able to be mounted directly to any flat surface without the need for a backing plate. The Braille is pressure inserted into pre drilled holes and solvent bonded and the symbols and text are all solvent bonded to the surface of the sign ensuring a permanent bond. We also use die punched aluminium which is great for high traffic areas including railway carriages and the like. All our signs are highly resistant to vandalism and the elements.

Are your signs Made in Australia?
Yes. All of our signs are locally manufactured at our Castle Hill, NSW factory.

Are the signs suitable for outdoor use?
Yes. All of our acrylic signs are made from UV stable high impact acrylic suitable for internal and external use as well as the aluminium, stainless steel and brass signs. Please bear in mind that brass will eventually tarnish and require on-going maintenance.

What is Braille?
Braille is a system of raised dots that is read with the fingers and has historically been embossed on paper. The system was invented by Louis Braille of France in the early 1800s. Louis Braille was born on 4th January, 1809, at Coupvray, near Paris. At three years of age an accident deprived him of his sight, and in 1819 he was sent to the Paris Blind School. Young Louis Braille desperately wanted to read. He realized the vast world of thought and ideas that was locked out to him because of his disability. And he was determined to find the key to this door for himself, and for all other blind persons.

How do I pay?
Unless account facilities are in place all work is COD. Methods of payment include direct deposit and cheque. Credit card payments (MasterCard and Visa only) May be accepted if prior arrangements made at our discretion.

How do I install?
All our signs are provided with Very High Bonding adhesive. All you have to do is peel off the backing paper and apply where needed. We can also supply advice on installation compliance and have an installation service for larger jobs.

Do you deliver?
Yes. We have a large range of agreements with Australia Post and various couriers and will use the most cost effective method of delivery depending on location.Of course you can also use your own courier or feel free to collect from our Castle Hill NSW factory.