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Braille Tactile Signs

Our Standard Range

All our Standard Range can be made of high impact acrylic, aluminium or stainless steel and includes VHB adhesive. They are available in 150mm x 150mm and 190mm x 190mm. Some are available in stock for quick turn around. We also have a huge range of non-standard made to order signs available in a range of materials, shapes, colours and sizes

Other Services


  • Corporate Awards
  • Architectural Engraved Signage
  • Name Badges
  • Industrial and Identification Labels
  • Vehicle Decoration
  • General and Safety Signage
  • Showroom and Factory


  • Sandblasting
  • Laser Engraving (CO2 and YAG)
  • Rotary Engraving
  • Digital Print
  • Quality Assurance Department
  • Urgent Work
  • Installations & Freight

Please note that some of these services are provided by our parent company, Architectural Signs, at no additional charge to the customer.